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Grow your business with our professional network.

We began working as a small local hotshot company in LA & quickly identified the need for modern solutions. Bridge the gaps in your business by joining our network as either a Broker, Carrier or Dispatcher.

We love What we Do

And Helping others Succeed.

  • Join A Community

    Welcome to Luxuria Logistics. Join a collective of educated & experienced shipping professionals. View & verify the credibility of industry leaders & start networking.

  • Data Collection

    Complete your profile with identifying information & compete in the spot market. Advertise your company information, immediate needs & transportation capabilities.

  • Connect & Grow

    Find an online mentor, job opportunities & freight educational resources. Upgrade your productivity with a professional digital footprint & find loads in our social network.

Meet our Team


Kalei Poteat

Kalei Poteat is a self-published author who is compelled to inspire and educate those into new standards. Born in Hawaii, He has majored in Communication from Ashland University with a minor in Business Administration. He's fond of teaching others on the process of creative writing, personal assets, and changing their mindsets to manifest everything this life has to offer.

  • Owner Operator

    Hotshot Expertise

  • Easily Accessible

    1 on 1 mentorship

  • Business Planning

    Credible Experience

  • Goal Oriented

    Client satisfaction


Brianna Cobb

Brianna Cobb is a small business owner who thrives on improving the welfare of her local community. After graduating from LSU, she became a logistics expert & educational author. She's continued to lead others in the transportation industry by offering mentorship & personalized advice.


Our Amazing Team

Kalei Poteat

Operations Manager

Brianna Cobb

Company Consultant

Our Services

OUR Services

We Are Specialized in the
Following Services

SEO Optimization

Reach exponential growth with detailed ads & marketing tools. 

Email Marketing

Build an online brand with target marketing.

Content Marketing

Personalize business newsletters, websites & social media pages. 

Social Marketing

Discover which platforms offer specialized content. 

Reporting & Analysis

Study online traffic & network with a detailed CRM analysis.

Competitor Research

Remain competitive in the market with a cohesive digital footprint.


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