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A freight broker is the middleman between businesses with shipping requirements and transportation carriers. Shippers have a need for Carriers, and Drivers demand market rates at a bare minimum. Brokers link Carriers to shippers faster with access to  pre-planned routes, recovered loads or expedited freight.


Carriers physically transport freight on behalf of shippers. They operate independently or under a larger corporation. Small fleets have 1-5 vehicles, while MNC’s may own trucks, ships, or planes. Carriers ensure on-time deliveries and remain compliant with federal regulations. They’re responsible for commercial insurance, licenses & certificates of Authority.


A freight dispatcher is the middleman between Brokers & Carriers. They’re the main line of support for truck drivers: working to promote safety & profitability. Dispatchers optimize routes & communicate with Brokers when delays occur. A freight dispatcher differs from a Broker by not working directly with a Shipper.




Shippers ➟

The freight Industry wouldn’t exist without Shippers. They’re the manufacturers, processors & warehouses where commodities are stored and sold. Shipping coordinators share delivery needs with freight brokers. Shippers offer brokers a flat rate to transport items. Shipping budgets account for loading, lumber & detention fees.

Brokers ➟

Brokers find shippers with delivery demands. They profit by offering a a fair delivery rate, lower than the original. Brokers profit with the difference offered by shippers & accepted by carriers. Higher shipping budgets can be offered during holiday seasons or emergency situations. Broker Agents earn a slightly smaller commission than licensed Brokers.

Carriers ➟

Carriers are paid directly from brokers. Driver compensation increases based on load lumper, loading or detention fees. Carriers are only paid for successful deliveries- unless the broker is found at fault. Broker checks take up to 90 days to be delivered if QuickPay isn’t offered. Carriers partner with factoring companies to get paid within 24 hours of delivery.


A Dispatcher earns commission from booked loads with drivers. They work as independent contractors to find profitable freight for carriers in need of work. Dispatchers connect with Brokers on load boards to filter, find & negotiate freight rates. Carriers pay dispatchers once they’re compensated from the load Broker. Dispatch pay is offered on a per-load, daily or weekly basis.



Drive Results

Utilize our technology to firmly bind your growing Book of Business. Review spot & contract bids in an online marketplace like no other: Ask questions & share live information with brokers & carriers. Optimize time by reviewing user qualifications & ratings before working with a new business.

Filter Related Freight Fields

Filter out misinformation with the most modern load board on the market. Our integrated loadboard solution allows customers to tailor personal connections with transportation leaders nationwide. We offer visible software & optimization tools to target, track & leverage opportunities in the freight industry. Every carrier, broker or dispatcher in our network is prescreened for compliance standards prior to posting a need within our network. Access thousands of career opportunities, search for live shipments & partner with multinational shipping corporations on one platform.

Truck Dispatcher


Master Load Negotiations

Understand the numbers behind the load boards as a truck dispatcher. Survey rate shifts live based on equipment types, driver qualifications & shipped commodities. Get started in the transportation industry with NO Insurance, Authority or Licensing requirement. Learn how to start a Independent Dispatching Business with our online Mastery Course. Master rate negotiations with consideration to driver operational costs: take into account the overall weight, freight & rate of posted freight. Submit counteroffers as a dispatcher within reasonable means & secure extra income for your carriers. Once a master, navigate live load boards & negotiate rates with brokers with our secure system. Advertise your needs for dispatch employees, carrier connections or high-paying loads.

Customer Service

Work with integrity, growth & prosperity in mind. Acquire logistic customer service skills as a freight dispatcher and communicate with brokers as a transportation specialist. Request load bids & network with other dispatchers to fulfill shipping needs across the U.S



Cut out the Middleman

Interested in working directly with Shippers? Introduce carrier operations to customers firsthand and lock in rates free from middleman commissions. Solicit shipping services with a professional appearance, clean equipment & compliance paperwork in hand. Introduce your services virtually with our integrated load board. Have a fleet of trucks? Provide a competitive advantage online & in-person by promoting your business as a growing corporation.

Earn Cash On Delivery

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster. Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud solution. User generated content in real-time will have multiple touchpoints for offshoring.



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