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Business Basics

Start your own business and get it right the first time. Learn everything you need to become a small business owner, from understanding the responsibilities of entrepreneurship to figuring out the legal, financial, and operational aspects of your future business.


Become A Dispatch Master Preview Transportation Careers The Dispatch Difference A Dispatch-Broker Breakdown Business Registration Dispatch Business Branding Build Business Credit Business Banking A Dispatch Disclaimer Intro to Dispatch Quiz

How to Dispatch Freight

While the job consists of customer support , Dispatchers have many more tasks to fulfill. They’re in constant communication between the driver, broker, trucking company, shipper, receiver, and other parties involved in freight logistics.


Dispatch Roles & Responsibilities Dispatch Company Profiles Carrier Company Profiles Dispatch Commission Rates Carrier Operating Authority Cargo Liability Insurance Freight Factoring Carrier Compliance Carrier Cancellations How to Dispatch Quiz

Carrier Equipment Types

Understand different truck cabs & trailers, noting the slight differences in their size, power & sleep arrangements. It’s important Dispatchers know about the different types of equipment to accurately match drivers to loads.


Common Trucks & Trailers LTL Vs. FTL Carriers Semi Vs Hotshot Carriers Dry Vans Vs. Box Trucks Refrigerated Carriers Flatbed Vs Step deck Trailers Over Dimensional Carriers Carrier Certifications Equipment Accessories Carrier Equipment Quiz

Carrier Compliance

Dispatchers conquer daunting tasks: specifically understanding compliance Walk the thin dispatching line with confidence by studying what is legal, accepted & expected from Drivers. Improve Carrier operations with technical knowledge of federal regulations as a Dispatcher.


SAFETY Snapshots The CSA Program The UCR Program The NMFTA IFTA Regulations USDOT Inspections Carrier Insurance Claims Carrier Compensation Drug & Alcohol Compliance A Compliance Quiz

Dispatch Step-by-Step

Clarify the necessary requirements to become a truck Dispatcher step-by-step. Review the best practices to recruit drivers, find freight & retain profitable relationships with Brokers. Contact the course Instructor with any additional questions, comments or concerns.


Find Truck Drivers Carrier Onboarding Load Board Subscriptions Call Freight Brokers Complete Carrier Packets Sign Confirmation Documents Track Carrier Truckloads Submit Bills Of Lading Get Paid as a Dispatcher Are you a Dispatch Master?