BECOME A MASTER LEARN HOW TO DISPATCH FREIGHT Brianna Cobb Founder of Luxuria Logistics

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Learn how to dispatch trucks step by step & start working within 24 hours. Become a business owner in the trucking industry without any certificate, equipment or insurance requirement.

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Learn the basics to Start A Business

Study what’s needed to start your own independent dispatching service & start working in as little as 24 hours.

Become a Dispatch Master by understanding the difference between dispatching & brokering. Learn topics such as common equipment types, insurance claim contracts & freight factoring.

Included Course Modules

Master the most common roles & responsibilities of truck dispatchers with topic such as:

Customer Service
Carrier Compliance
Administrative assistance
Payroll Processing
Driver onboarding
Broker Negotiations

A Quickbook of Business for Brokers & Dispatchers

An accessible manual for financial freedom in commercial freight.

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What Our Students Say

Extremely satisfied with the flow of information. This course was affordable, interactive and includes everything you need to start dispatching. I like that it's unlimited access & all inclusive. 

Deneshia craig


The course added value. It touched on other topics that were not discussed in other dispatcher courses I've took. Grateful. The course will definitely help me towards my goal of having a couple of box trucks and becoming a broker. 

Louis Sterling

Owner Operator

This course is Very informative to getting you set up with the essentials. The course offers what you need to know and why. I’ve taken a few courses and this the only one that gives you free tools ⚒️ to set your company up the right way. The business and credit insight is also a plus. 

LaTonya Campbell


This course is offers the education needed to understand on the fundamentals of dispatching.

Ronnie Blue