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Length: 20 minutes|Difficulty: Standard


Would you like to work from home?

Are you interested in learning how to dispatch freight?

Is your spouse, family or friend looking for a dispatcher?

Do you want to work in the freight industry with no CDL?


Earn an Extra Stream of Income as a Dispatcher!

In 2021, understanding & interpreting digital data is essential. Industries are relying more on analytics and remote service members to better serve clients. Organizations track this information to mitigate losses from natural disasters, supply shortages and unforeseeable pandemics. This comprehensive Dispatch Mastery Course provides training & online tools for aspiring truck dispatchers. Working directly with Carriers and Brokers, you’ll act as a direct line of communication to facilitate the delivery of commercial freight. This course explains the fundamental practices dispatchers use every day. Once a master, you’ll be equipped with the resources to start your own Independent Dispatching company. Begin your journey now & study topics referring to:

  • Books of Business
  • Equipment Types
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Carrier Compliance
  • ..And so much more!

Carriers are relying on YOU to provide an extraordinary layer of customer support.

This course is Very informative to getting you set up with essential information. The course offers the what you need to know and why. I’ve taken a few courses and this the only one that gives you free tools ⚒️ to get you started to set your company up the right way. The business and credit insight on what you need to scale and grow your business is also a plus. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to get things set up in the proper fashion.

— LaTonya Campbell


Career Benefits include:

  1. Job Security: Guaranteed employment in the transportation industry.
  2. Technical Skills: Gain transferrable administrative & accounting skills.
  3. Networking: Facilitate conversations between Carriers & Brokers.
  4. Family Support: Dispatch for friends & family you already know.
  5. Start a Business: Be the boss of your own Dispatching company.
  6. Superior Communication: Understand technical written rhetoric.
  7. Ability to Scale: Adapt by signing on more or less carriers.
  8. Low Overhead: Work with NO license, authority or insurance requirement.
  9. Work from Anywhere: Complete tasks on a connected smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  10. Promotion Potential: Transition & broker freight with a network of Shippers at your disposal.

Build a Book of Business

Books of Business are based on an extensive network of professional contacts. Time & task management is the difference between delivered and undelivered cargo. When commercial freight calls for recovery, Dispatchers should have a reliable contact to call on for assistance. As a dispatcher, you’ll visualize the carrier qualifications & broker connections to salvage delayed freight over time. Add value to your Book of Business with clients that easily connect. Categorize which brokers work with which trucks & trailers. Specifics on the type of freight your network moves, where they’re stationed and the volume of work they do is what adds utility to a dispatch service.

man and woman holding each other s hands as a team

Your Business

Network = Networth


Books of Business crumble without technical knowledge. As a dispatcher, you’ll network with Carriers, Brokers & Dispatchers moving the same type of equipment as you. Why? In most scenarios, delivery hurdles are irreversible based on a lack of Carriers in the market. If a load gets cancelled, you want to be able to fully replace the truck or trailer the load is on to deliver the freight on time. This defines Dispatch tenacity & ambition as a logistics specialist. If not recovered, Brokers begin to lose confidence in your services moving forward. 

opened notepad near netbook keyboard and mobile phone on white table

Unrecovered freight

diminishes the SIZE

of Books of Business.


A Book of Business can be digital or a hard copy. At its core, a B.O.B is a directory of Truck Drivers, Brokers & Dispatchers you’ve networked with. Names, phone numbers & email addresses are listed in detail. Personal details build relationships. Where are clients based out of? Are they a new business? Do gaps exist in their current operation? Could you benefit from a possible referral? Consider future business opportunities when talking to customers. Ask questions without being over-bearing & remain respectful.


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So for $100 I get all complete 50 lessons?

Yes sir! You complete all 50 lessons including 5 quizzes, 4 contract document templates (A Dispatch Carrier Agreement, A Power of Attorney, A Carrier Company profile & A Dispatch Company Profile), access to live training videos & Free load board access! Use the code “DISPATCHMASTER” at checkout for 15% Off!

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